Once upon a time there was a little girl named Katia. On her eight birthday she received her very first bike. She loved her new bike so much that she would ride it every where she went. Katia would ride it to her singing classes, to the local ice cream store, to visit her grandma, who lived on the other side of the town, and she would ride it every day to school.
Riding the bike was fun, but not fun enough, so Katia decided to take it to the next level and started to learn some cool bike tricks...

Game Objectives

Find the way to collect all the flags in the alley

Learn tricks and new moves to earn more points. Use boxes and other objects in the alley to execute more complex tricks

Learn combos and earn a higher score (Katia can execute some crazy sequence of tricks)

Collect the highest score(the game keeps track of highest score)


Use“Training Mode” to learn the controls and practice moves.

Use the "GoSlow" button in the " Training Mode" if it's going to fast.

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